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Re: The characters and universe post-TOS

Why would they fail to visit earth at any point during their 5-year missions?
Any number of reasons could be invented (tight schedule for a mission performed so far away from Earth that there simply isn't time for such visits, say), as the storylines do allow us to assume that Earth is never visited, and this further allows us to believe the ships are way behind the times when it comes to fashion.

In fact, the time travel mission in "Assignment: Earth" required the Enterprise to be in that system in order to use the "light speed breakaway" effect to travel to the earth of 1968.
Debatable - in "Tomorrow is Yesterday", this was achieved at a wholly different star system (the one with the "black star"). And neither episode made mention of the ship being in any contact with the 23rd century version of the planet, even though we can of course assume the heroes would have wanted a pit stop in "TiY" and would have done a debriefing and a quick visit home after "A:E".

All we ever see is the main engineering room where Scotty conducted most of his business.
And even that is a bit to the small side for such a big ship. Quite possibly we might be dealing with something like two or four such side-by-side rooms of near-identical looks, plus the never-seen, brewery-sized remainder of the facilities. Certainly the ship offers the necessary internal volume for choosing the "multiple rooms" interpretation over the "changed rooms" one.

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