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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots! (Part 2)

Introducing the weapon that The Doctor used to stop the Time War, the USS Moment.

The Moment was assisting the Timelords when the Daleks launched an all out assault on Gallifrey. Knowing the Timelords are about to loose their homeworld, The Doctor devised a final plan to stop the Time War once and for all. The Doctor hooked up the heart of his TARDIS to the Moment's power systems, greatly amplifying the effects of the Manheim Device and Tipler Cylinder, large enough to cover all of Gallifrey. The Doctor programs the Tipler Cylinder to activate at a specific time.

One second before the Daleks were about to blow up Gallfirey, The Doctor activated the Manheim Device and causing a past, present and future Gallifrey to exist side by side. The future Gallifrey blows up one second later. At the same time the Tipler Cylinder on the present-time Moment activates, permanently time-locking itself together with the present Galifrey a planet-sized static temporal shell. The Doctor then pilots the past-version of the Moment away, unhooks the power coupling from the TARDIS and hops off to the 20th century where he finds plastic Autons planning to take over the Earth and a young girl named Rose...
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