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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

First Flight for some reason to me is an episode I really liked a lot. Then again I was a huge enthusiast of the space race and this episode seemed to capture the whole feeling of that. Not to mention those prototype ships actually looked like they were inspired by the design of the Phoenix. T'Pol naming the nebula after Archer's buddy was a nice though too. A sign she might be getting over Evil Vulcan Syndrome.

Bounty..? I'm sorry but Archer just almost deserved that to happen to him. I've suggested in the past that T'Pol really would be better off advocating the opposite of what she really means at times. "Well the Vulcans hate them, so they must be alright." As far as him improving next season? Season 3 Archer's competence and morality is very.... questionable at best. I will say by season 4 he had improved however.
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