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Re: Federation Law of restricting cloaking device

It's really just a practical limit to how close something has to be before you can scan it.
But there goes realism out of the airlock already (explosively decompressing in a particularly unconvincing way). Nothing interesting in space is just light-minutes away.

Not unless you already decided at the start of the mission to concentrate your attention on that specific thing. But that is exactly what results in 74.5% of the plots becoming flat out impossible. Surprises are categorically ruled out when you fly with a blindfold on and only take it off at the destination.

No, it's between STL and FTL sensor devices. If I meant otherwise, I would have said as much.
Naah. You just happen to have an incorrect understanding of what you want.

In order to get the plot to the ship for the next episode, the plot has to travel between stars in a matter of days or weeks at the very most. That's the very basic starting point, FTL by definition already.

One needs to either define its capabilities or define its limitations, but leaving it undefined invites random asspulls when the writers run out of ideas.
There is no upside to defining a Trek gimmick's limitations down to the sort of accuracy you desire. These things are not supposed to be one-trick ponies: there is no story utility to a sensor that only presents infrared images or other such nonsense. So, given the dramatically required levels of overall versatility, slapping a specific limitation on minor things such as speed or range would be just odd.

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