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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

118. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (C+)

This would have made an interesting double-bill with 1984's other big Raj piece, A Passage to India.

The reception to this was mixed, as I knew before watching it, particularly Kate Capshaw's character. She is, indeed, supposed to be annoying, but while this works okay at first, it very quickly grates, and there's no real chemistry between her and Harrison Ford. Jonathan Ke Quan's Short Round is fine (he's confident and competent, unlike many kid sidekicks, though I imagine there's an instinctive resistance among many fans to that sort of character), but the character and Capshaw's contrast very unfavourably with Karen Allen and John Rhys Davies in the first film. There's a pretty pronounced difference in the depth of their characters and relationships with the hero.

Storywise, the opening sequence is quite a bit of fun, but once the trio actually get to India it gets rather dreary pretty quickly.

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