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Re: *~ Enter: DS9 Avatar Contest 171!!

Ummm... yes... Of course it will be...

l was pretty happy when the gov. or somesuch wanted the data Google had... and Google said no. Dunno what the deal was or what happened but some companies will give everyone's Pl to a mall cop. l personally don't believe that people have a right to my info just because l'm not doing anything wrong. Though l agree - there's a limit (l'd imagine) to the real world usefulness of the data they collect... so they should just not do it. Though Nerys - you're probably more up to date on that than me as the even l'm referring to was years ago. At the time it just made me happy. XD And FB is so terrible that for me it eclipses everything. LOL!

Edit - just caught that last line. l realize l'm super late for this contest but in the future l encourage you to express yourself. People have a right to do so and if people don't agree with you... what are they going to do? All caps you to death? You're not a particularly sinister person...
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