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Re: how big an improvement is the star trek motion picture director cu

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There's a great deal I agree with here, but I'm not sure Kirk was provided with much of an "inner conflict" to be resolved. (Spock had one, sure, but it was just a development of the same inner conflict he had on the TV series, now formalized and made into a Vulcan rite.)
Fair point, like a lot of aspects of TMP it becomes somewhat muddled in the execution. It did seem to be the intent, though, that Kirk would have some "issues." In his "character sketches" for the movie Roddenberry wrote Kirk is "obsessed to regain the Enterprise, and it may well cloud his judgment. ... In the midst of his drive is also a degree of self doubt. Is it the self-doubt, in fact, that fires the need to command?" And "With the two most important members of the mission in emotional turmoil, it falls to McCoy to hold them together." (The Making Of Star Trek: The Motion Picture)

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