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Re: Just for Humour... Can JJ Make a good movie based on SPOCK'S BRAIN

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Just for shit's and goggles - If anyone could pull off removing someones brain but keep the body functioning it'd be the Borg... or maybe Dr. Soong?
Right. Spock's Brain wasn't the first bit of scifi to tackle the subject, it just did it so spectacularly badly.

Since we know Vulcans can have their katra moved around, that would be the better way to go in the future.

Hmm, just had a thought when typing that bit: one of the problems with Spock's Brain has been the extreme-ness of the removal of Spock's entire brain from his body and how the rest of his body didn't completely shut down.
Perhaps the beanie was keeping him alive but why would they bother caring about that?

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What if, his katra sensed what was going on and moved itself to a different part of his body, like the central nervous system and that's what kept his body from completely going down?
SB and ST lll have one thing in common. In SB, when they eventually found Spock's consciousnesses in the computer, he made sense, was able to converse normally.

In ST lll, while McCoy was carrying his Katra, Spock could momentarily come across as normal, ("Scanning... indications are normal at this time.") This ability for normal thinking/reacting in both instances is proof enough for me that his Katra (marbles, as McCoy called them) was with his brain in SB.

No, I don't think that is going to get the writers a pass on this one. It's just stupid writing, plain and simple.
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