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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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ihe looked at the photo of his family, and it looked like the woman in his bed was someone else, so i'm assuming his family is dead. He might be clinging to the hope that he could bring them back. did any of the heads in his zombie aquarium look like his kid or his wife?
Not to me, and that was what I expected to see too.

they talked about how they might think there is a "hint" of the original personality in the zombie.. (although i don't think there is)
I think there is. We saw a bit of that in S1. Once when Amy reanimated. Also one time when there was a herd traveling the highway-- there was a child zombie dragging along a teddy bear or some such thing. Plus Michonne's pets seemed to display a bit more personality than the average walker.

Maybe the old personality becomes more visible when the walker isn't obsessed with hunger.
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