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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

i haven't read the comics, but while my first thought when i saw the governer's collection of heads was that he is just "batshit" insane, my second thought was that maybe he's keeping them for scientific purposes. they talked about how they might think there is a "hint" of the original personality in the zombie.. (although i don't think there is)

he looked at the photo of his family, and it looked like the woman in his bed was someone else, so i'm assuming his family is dead. He might be clinging to the hope that he could bring them back. did any of the heads in his zombie aquarium look like his kid or his wife?

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Did anyone else get a "Benjamin Linus" vibe from the scientist? That kept occurring to me, as well as the "Evil" Glenn (Chris Hardwick nailed it by calling him that. I wasn't thinking "Evil" Glenn, but I was definitely thinking he's the Woodbury Glenn).
don't know about anyone else, but I got a Gale Beotticher vibe ... breaking bad fans will understand

ALSO: I LOVE MERLE!!! Michael Rooker is an excellent actor and I'm soooo glad he is back. He's definitely one of my favorite characters and he's barely even been in the show. Nice Evil Dead homage to Ash with his arm
"Thank you.. for the drinks."

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