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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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I think the popularity may have something to do with how original the idea is for a television series. We have never really had a zombie story outside of the movies before and even most movies spend minimal time dealing with the long term effects on the survivors. It is a fascinating concept that is well executed.
Amen! In fact, I'd even be willing to tolerate things that normally turn me off of other shows, like replacing main cast members. They really do have carte blanche in a way that no other show has ever had, & as long as they keep it interesting, exciting, & suspenseful, they could do this show in one form or another for a damn long time

I've never read the comics, but personally I feel a little short changed on Michonne. Such a great character, but it's highly possible that people will get turned off by her behavior, if back story & character development don't come soon
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