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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

166. The Thin Red Line (B+)
167. Return of the Jedi (B)

The Thin Red Line: Like all of Terrence Malick's filmography, this film is beautiful to look at. And although he apparently did not like directing them, the battle scenes are exceptionally well realized, and refreshingly without glamorization. I think the film falls short of the greatness of Malick's other films, however. There are simply too many main characters for all of them to receive worthwhile focus. The film is notorious for cutting out several Hollywood stars completely, but for my money, it doesn't go far enough, as the film goes off in so many different directions that it never quite seems to know what it's about.

Return of the Jedi: I know this film tends to get criticized among fandom, but I think it's a perfectly fine conclusion to the series. The Luke/Vader/Emperor scenes in particular are exceptional -- perhaps my favorite ones in the trilogy. It's not without flaws, of course. It spends a bit too long resolving the cliffhanger at Jabba's palace, and Boba Fett has such a lousy death scene that I wonder why he was included in the movie in the first place (I thought he was a bounty hunter, not a mercenary?). At times, it's disappointing that Lucas overwrote Kasdan's instincts to kill of a main character and up the ante, but the finale still works for me. I'm happy I have a bootleg of the theatrical version, though; the changes made over the years to this film have been particularly awful (Jedi Rocks, Hayden Christensen as the ghost in the end, Vader's new "nooooo" dialogue).

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