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Re: Aliens of Trek Lit, Chapter Two: Tzenkethi!

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I see them when at full-power colour mode, like a more solid, dressed and colourful versions of the "angel aliens" at the end of Knowing. With faces more like Christopher's pic.
That's lovely, I like that. A similar image might be of the Taelons in their natural "energy blush" form, although somewhat more solid.

The first descriptions of them in Rough Beasts of Empire described their colours as only ranging from light green through yellow and orange to bright red. But then The Struggle Within introduced a blue one, and Brinkmanship browns and silvers. So it appears that there are many more colours than we originally thought. So the initial description was not necessarily wrong, just incomplete, only referring to the government echelons.

And it seems that the duller colours correspond to the lower and less prestigious echelons, and the brighter ones to the higher echelons, and even that certain colours specifically match certain jobs (it is said that guards/policemen come in silver). That makes it clear at first sight what echelon a citizen belongs to, with no possibility of mistaking them, and nearly impossible for anyone to move between the levels. All of which perfectly suits their cultural imperative to have everyone in their place and organised and strictly labelled and categorized. It seem likely therefore that the colours are deliberately built in with precisely that purpose. If you're a cleaner, you're brown, and that's that.

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