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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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What is surprising is that Andrea was not particularly concerned by Merele's presence. Now admittedly we know nothing about what their relationship was like prior to Rick's awakening. Maybe she never saw him as threatening.
You mean apart from how she fainted the first time she saw him?

I did not notice Andrea and the tea thing. Need to go back and watch that again.

And there is no way that 73 people can have a self-sustaining community with that standard of living. They'd have to work like dogs just to keep up. And we saw something like 30-40 people at one time, moseying around town, doing nothing in particular (at the same instant the number 73 was mentioned!). Maybe they were all on a lunch break?

Sure, they can sustain it as long as they keep scavenging from elsewhere, but that won't last forever. Realistically they'd need 90% of their people out raising crops and cattle. It didn't appear that they were doing any farming at all apart from one garden in someone's yard.

If the Governor has all these great plans for restarting civilization, someone should be asking what those plans are and when they expect to reflect reality.

Unless they're just drinking the Kool-Aid.

Or the tea.
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