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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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I have to say that making the Governor batshit insane seemed like the laziest route to go (I'm aware he was like that in the comics, too). It'd be much more interesting if he was ruthless but sane and had the right intentions.
The feeling I get, only having read some of the prison storyline so far in the comics, is that the Governor (at least the way he comes across on TV so far) is the typical post-apocalypse bad guy who, before the "end" was a typical nobody who got pushed around in life, but secretly yeared to kick the asses of the people who bullied him.. We see this in the militia commander on Revolution.. Heck, even the bad guy Will Patton played in The Postman had been a printer salesman or something before he rose to power...

As for Merle, I haven't figured him out yet... I too, can see him becoming sympathtic, especially once he and his brother reconnect.. He showed real saddness upon hearing Andrea tell him her sister had died... While he was certainly a backwater racist, I don't think he's evil deep down inside..
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