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Re: Why do the Klingons have equal technology to the Federation

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Do you think the Klingons care so much about justice that they seek out individuals well outside Klingon space?
No, I think they find plenty of criminals within their own space, some of whom are just passing through their space. How many Klingon subject races have we heard about? I recall only the Kriosians. I do think the Klingons care about their brand of justice, though. They just think death is a fitting sentence for more crimes than the UFP does.

The obvious explaination is that Klingon space is pourous to trade or is made up of subject spieces and criminals from that group end up on Rura Penthe.
Agreed, except that I don't know which species at Rura Penthe were from conquered worlds and which were not, nor the proportion of each.
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