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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

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Anyone catch Hell in a Cell? Personally, I loved almost all of it. Best PPV of the year.

Well, each to their own. Both tag team matches were crap, but that's nothing new, given WWE's INSISTENCE on booking EVERY tag team match to the same dull, overused and de-innovative formula.

Del Rio vs. Orton was a solid opener, although there seemed to be some sloppyness and forgotten spots at the go-home section. Big Show vs. Sheamus was the match of the night, and the WHC change, was much welcome. The crowd was dead for Justin Gabriel vs. Antonio Cesaro, not a very good sign for either man, although Cesaro is a proven heat magnet. No sign of John Cena surprisingly, well, not on the main show anyway. The main event went as expected, not particularly worthy of a HIAC match, but they did their best.

I do have issue with the finish, since it does nothing except introduce another player (referee/wrestler Brad Maddox) into the fray, to overcomplicate things. Now you have Punk who is feuding with Cena, but also feuding with Ryback, who is pissed because he was screwed out of his streak by Heyman, Punk and Maddox.
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