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Re: Why do the Klingons have equal technology to the Federation

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The Klingon Empire is clearly multi-racial as evidenced the numerous alien races present on Rura Pentha. For these subject races I imagine non-combat related professions are quite viable.
If only Klingon imperial subjects are imprisoned on Rura Penthe, then when did the Klingons conquer Earth?

The inmates of Rura Penthe were criminals in the view of the Klingons, and were tried and convicted by a Klingon court, but that doesn't mean all the inmates represent Klingon subjects.

There may exist a galatic arms market which the Klingons also utilitize. How else did those moronic mercenaries in Gambit get such a good ship?
Would the Klingons then only be buying the same models year after year, century after century? And if they're buying their ships, who is making them?

The Federation is more advanced but spends almost nothing on defense so I don't have a problem with the closeness of the two powers as depicted.
How do we know the Federation spends "almost nothing" on defense? There are always too few starships it seems, with one usually arriving just in the nick of time, but what does that tell us about their defense budget?
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