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New TOS spoof on Robot Chicken

Last night's broadcast of Adult Swim's "Robot Chicken" presented a pretty good homage/parody of the original series using, naturally, the mid 70s Mego figures.

The set-up is the old cliche of Kirk bedding ladies across the galaxy and STDs. In a slight twist, he already has the infection and his goal is to warn and apologize to the women he may have infected.

What makes this one rather interesting are the new sets and figures RC constructed. In one scene Kirk speaks to an Orion "slave" closely resembling Yvonne Craig's Marta. The bedroom interior captures the Matt Jefferies design ethic rather well. When he leaves, a slave master comes in to berate the situation (I won't ruin the gag). Amazingly, he resembles the oily, overweight fellow depicted in Pike's Orion illusion. Kirk then visits a woman who looks and is dressed very much like Andrea from "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" The interior even depicts the android creation console. Then Kirk meets with the Gorn (the "new" Mego version that actually looks like the Wah Chang creature rather than SpiderMan's Lizard dressed in the Mego Klingon armor). The set looks like the (in)famous Vasquez Rocks, quite accurate. Why is he addressing the Gorn? Uh, don't ask! Oh, yeah, I seem to remember seeing a very accurate Janice Rand figure with her distinctive weaved basket hairdo. (But i may have just dreamed that after I fell asleep.)

After he's made his rounds, Kirk wonders where he caught the STD. I won't ruin the punchline.

True, sophmoric humor, but a lot of new sculpts, both figures and sets for this schtick. That's what impressed me.


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