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Re: Dexter - Season 7 (with Spoilers)

Pretty unexpected and satisfying end to the Sirko storyline (for now). Now the focus seems to be shifting to Dexter's latest serial killer groupie, which is a storyline I'm not all that interested in but hey maybe they'll surprise me. There was a lot of incautious behavior in this episode that I found distracting: Deb talking to Dexter openly in his office, Deb and Dexter talking loudly about him being a killer in what I think was the police parking garage, and then later Dexter having his faceoff with Sirko in prison (So he just goes to visit him? Wouldn't anyone think that's weird?). That was a good scene though, Sirko's speech was pretty chilling.

So they've locked up a Russian mob boss but neither Deb or Dex seems particularly worried about outside retaliation? Haven't they watched any mob movies? I guess there's only so much you can do within the storyline.
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