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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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I'm not buying that tea observation. And he was going to add something after but the host interupted him and changed the topic.

the people there are all a little stepford wife-ish. And Andrea drank the tea and got all docile after.
Yeah, what they showed strongly implied some larger implications for the tea. Either that or it was a product placement deal for the IngeneuiTea teapot (a fine product!).

I also took the ambush of the army convoy as the governor trying to insure that, whatever the future brings, he is going to be the honcho. The military represents some central authority and could rival his power base; that "threat" had to be eliminated. He lied to the people about it, though, so he knows not everyone would support him; there's a possible schism in the community between the inner circle of "soldiers" and everyone else.

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