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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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This is great and I can't wait and I'm getting it and it's incredible, everything.

Yet I wonder... why now?

Why not hold off a few more years for a Grand 50th Anniversary Set, make it a super special surprise? It's been decades already, what's a couple more years?

Or, why not years ago? Perhaps for the 25th Anniversary of TOS, or back when TOS was really hot, say the mid-80s--also a time when CDs were the hot medium for music (I still like 'em)

I'd think, marketing-wise, someone would have tried to capitalize on this boxed set, if it was possible back then.

I know making this project a reality is a tremendous effort and cost, and I really appreciate that it will be available to fans like us.

But I keep thinking... why now? What took so long?
I'd think someone, sometime, over the past 40+ years would have made this total compilation of music available. I don't know, maybe it wasn't possible.
From talking with the guys who produced this set, I learned that it simply was not possible prior to recently, for many different reasons. These obstacles prevented any label from releasing all the scores from the show on disc, but once this was finally resolved recently then work could begin in earnest.

At that point, the question would be, why wait? All obstacles were finally handled, work could start on transferring the materials from original sources and the fact is that the label, La-La Land, is a business and a potentially major profit-garnering project such as this shouldn't lay around for years more. We are a talking about a small, niche label that would like very much to stay in business, pay its employees and overhead, etc and this helps. This aspect of the release is completely separate from Paramount or CBS, all work has been due to the talented guys at La-La Land.
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