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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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What the actual fuck? I mean I knew he was gonna turn out to be a baddie even without the obvious foreshadowing, but that's some psycho shit. I'm dying to know what the motivation behind that is.
Oh...the proverbial surface has yet to be scratched.
*grin*... My thought exactly...

On the subject of the soldiers... The arguement could be made that they would be a perfect addition to the community, but I have an idea the Gov would view them as a real threat to his authority.. Easy solution.. Kill 'em and take their stuff..

On the tea... Yea.. I noticed that too... I also noticed how the scientist guy kept figiting with the tea pot at the breakfast table.. Kept picking it up and shifting it around... Of course, that could be explained by different camera angles and different takes of the same scene being edited in, but it stood out, and frankly was kind of distracting..
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