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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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I understand Brooks had concerns with the potentially bad taste that Star Trek's only black captain leaving his black wife and baby behind could leave. I just think that in a show like Star Trek, those kinds of things wouldn't (or shouldn't) be an issue with the audience anyway.
Maybe Brooks was right that it wouldn't have played well in the real world, just look at how some fans overreacted to... that incident involving Janeway in the novels. And some fans are still pissed about Kirk's death in Generations and want him brought back electro-magically. But I guess this is a discussion that should be left until I reach the finale, five years from now after I take some extended breaks.

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How about "Ol' Buttercups"
I like the sound of it, but I must ask why.

You Are Cordially Invited (**)

Ten o'clock in the morning,
And we're talking in the closet.
I tell Kira that I'm sorry,
And she says "Think nothing of it."
I say "I was so stupid."
She says "Yes you were,
But Rom wasn't executed,
And nobody got hurt."

But the way the closet light hits her eyes,
It makes me want to break down and cry.
Except I don't have any tear ducts,
So I keep looking like I don't give a fuck.

She smiles at me coyly,
And says "Let's move on from this."
Something deep down inside me,
Makes me want to lean in for a kiss.
Then we hear a noise in the bedroom,
And our eyes turn towards the door.
Worf and Dax enterd the bedroom,
Now Kira and I are done for.
Worf and Dax are fighting,
About something that happened at the party.
And in the closet's low lighting,
I accidentally knock over a Barbie.

The sound causes Worf to prick up his ears.
Somebody's in the room with him, he fears.
"What the unholy fuck was that?!"
He lifts his shirt and pulls out his gat.

I'm so scared I nearly shit myself,
Except I don't have a real ass.
But unfortunately Kira does herself,
And she lets out some panicky gas.
Outside in the bedroom,
Worf is looking under the bed,
Kira and I fear our doom,
We're completely losing our heads.

Worf goes to the bathroom,
He looks in the shower,
Kira and I are entombed,
We can do nothing but cower.
Worf looks under the blankets.
He checks in the dresser.
He looks at the closet.
I morph up a beretta.
He walks up to the closet.
He goes up to the closet.
Now he's at the closet.
Now he's opening the closet.

If the closet scene had been written like that, nobody would be complaining that it was a lame cop-out that concluded a vital character arc off-screen. No, we'd all be praising Ron Moore's lyrical genius instead, and crediting him for the invention of hip-hopera. Sadly, that didn't happen. Odo's betrayal then redemption was a fine idea and I didn't punish Favor the Bold/Sacrifice of Angels for using it, but I did punish Behind the Lines for going too far in portraying Odo's sinister shift, and I'm punishing this episode for failing to follow up on it properly.

Otherwise, the episode was a fine light-hearted story that brings some levity back to the show after all the doom and gloom of the occupation arc. After everything the characters have been though they deserve a chance to relax, and so does the audience. That's one of the key elements of DS9, the show did explore darker themes than the rest of the franchise but it was never full-on depressing. Sometimes the show went too far with these fluffy episodes in the final two seasons, but coming right after the occupation arc and the major victory in SoA, this is a good time for a festive episode. The jokes may not be the most original you've ever heard, but they're well executed and leave you with a pleasant feeling that this family of characters are back together again.
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