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Re: Sacrifice of the Angels Ending A Deus Ex Machina?

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I think a better way of doing this would have been setting the auto-destruct and trying to take out the Jemíhadar and the wormhole putting the prophets in danger and making them act in self-preservation.
But that wouldn't have been better because it wouldn't have had the same impact on Sisko's character arc as he related to the Prophets. Again, character should always be a higher priority than plot. Plot exists to create opportunities to explore and develop characters. Sisko just using brute force to scare the Prophets into saving themselves is superficial. Instead what we got was something more personal, more about the relationship between Sisko and the Prophets -- they wanted him to bow to their intentions for him, but he refused to be so passive and instead forced them to confront their own hypocrisy and change the way they did things. Not because he was going to kill them, but because he argued them into it, because he confronted them on a more personal level. That's better storytelling, because story is about character.
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