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Re: Sacrifice of the Angels Ending A Deus Ex Machina?

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Not really.

Look at "What You Leave Behind". The series finale originally featured a massive battle over Cardassia (it was late enough in the production process that this battle was included in the novelization) yet this battle was completeliy omitted in the aired version, reportedly for budget reasons.
If Rom had disabled the station's weapons sooner then there wouldn't have been a battle at DS9 because the station wouldn't have had any weapons. The Defiant arrives and attacks the station, the station can't fire back, 200 Federation ships break through the Dominion's fleet, the Dominion are forced to evacuate the station. This ending would have been cheaper than the actual ending because they wouldn't have needed VFX shots of the minefield blowing up nor the Dominon fleet in the wormhole.

Considering the fact that there is no evidence that there was supposed to be a battle at the station in Sacrifice of Angels, considering the fact that such a battle would have been superfluous considering we had just witnessed the mother of all space battles already in the episode, considering the fact that it would have been very easy to write an alternative ending to the dilemma, and considering the fact that the writers have made it clear that the Prophets' intervention was the direction they had intended to take the story, your claim that they had written themselves into a corner is incredibly weak.
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