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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

Yep, 2 episodes too long. This should have been wrapped up weeks ago.
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this arc is continuing? Wow. I assumed after this week's episode it seemed like it reached a conclusion and was going to leave Asoka there and we'd come back after a arc or two and some standalones. I've enjoyed it but I'd rather move on to something else at the moment.
I i remember correctly there will be more arcs and lee standalones.
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Sorry to hear that. The Clone Wars has had some awesome standalones. I always preferred The X-Files one-offs.
I felt the same way about last year's 4-episode intro at the underwater world. Good ,but too lengthy. Part of the appeal to me, about Star Wars is that the setting of the adventure was always changing. Now it feels like we're trapped on the planet-of-the-week. But it's really planet "of the month."

EDIT: Not sure how this happened, I somehow retconned or eliminated "Revival" from my mind... so indeed we've only been on Onderon for four episodes, not five. Next week's new arc certainly sounds like a welcome change...
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