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Re: Power of the Federation

Well said, Timo.

While I can see no reason, technically speaking, why torpedoes should not be able to work at long ranges, I can also see no reason why a ship wouldn't be able to simply get out of the way of a torpedo that was coming at them with a few seconds warning. I also see no evidence that phasers do work at long ranges. Putting two and two together that sounds like a recipe of battles staying within phaser range and close enough to fire torpedoes that cannot be dodged.

I also see little evidence that the Federation ("We're not a military"), the Dominion (Jem'Hadar are cannon fodder), the Klingons ("We love hand to hand combat and WANT to die in battle") or anyone else really even seems to care about tactics. If humans have given up war and everyone else thinks about differently, tactics as we know them and tactics that a modern naval officer would use in the same situation might no longer exist.
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