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Re: Futureproofing (for viewing) the next Trek TV series

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The next step forward will be a smaller improvement still and so on as we inch interminably towards perfection.

I doubt I'll bother with whatever comes after Bluray...
Does black and white standard definition video from old TV shows work still to tell stories? yes. Does it look great on a 60" HDTV or projected to 100" ? No.
TOS still works on DVD on a 13" color TV. The stories still hold you. The transition to high definition as a standard has taken time.
The idea of 4k UHDTVs starts at 60" really. The idea of 8k UHDTVs are wall-sized like in Back to the Future II. With that much resolution it's not just about being able to get close but about how big you can make your screen display without necessarily using a projected light image onto a screen from across a room.

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Things like UHD takes alot of time to get a consensus on between all the tech companies. It takes even longer for adoption.
This thread deals with how producers (not the TV buying public now or in 5 years) will plan for shooting the next Trek TV series in a 2-10 years so as to not have major issues in 20-50 years with acceptance and the most milking of their Trek franchise cash cow. Yes 4k probably will take 15 years and never fully catch on. The idea is futureproofing a franchise so a TNG-R project never has to happen with the next TV series being shot.

ENT season 4 is locked into 1080p as the resolution. Down the road this might hurt TPTB from doing a ENT-R to 4k/8k project as only seasons 1-3 were shot on 35mm film. While the series is not the most liked it was at least framed for 16:9 ratio and season 3 looked damn good for a 2003-2004 scifi TV series.
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