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Re: Heads up! MYTHBUSTERS season premiere tonight at 9 Eastern!

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I'm just not clear on how their rig worked on making the dummy "generate its own heat" like the human body does.
As I recall, there was water being heated externally and then fed through the tubing into the dummy's body. So kinda like a dialysis machine, except with a heater instead of a filter.
Ah, okay.

Just watched the episode:

I agree with Christopher the problems with the "sound of fear" test didn't seem to be tweaked out. I would have expected them to mix it up a bit to rule out any "bias" in the order of the cabins. Or keep them in the same cabin, turn the sound on at some random interval during the course of a 10 minutes or so and have their test subject under various forms of surveillance to see if anything in them changed when the "fear sound" was started. (Like heart rate, respiration, body temperature, etc.)

The "smell of fear" I'm doubtful on. I'd even quibble that the expert sniffer during the first test may have been mostly right out of just pure luck of the numbers or out of it not being an entirely "blind" test. She knew there was something she was supposed to sense differently. The fact that their larger test with the 20-some samples was a failure for her should have busted the myth right there. (I might also quibble there's a difference between be "afraid" due to a phobia or being crawled on by "creepy" animals and "fear." Does a person really react the same way to a personal phobia or discomfort the same way as they would, say, walking through a dark alley in the inner city, or through a supposedly "haunted" house?

Moving the body? A 150-lb weight is pretty damn light in body form. Both Jamie and Adam we could argue are "average" sized and they're knocking on 200 IIRC. I'll take them for their word that the body was correctly weighted to a real human, I just think that short of the body being a slightly larger than average sized female, 150lbs is way too light.

The grave-digging one was on their almost a stinger so a non-subject. Hell, the history of murders can tell you that for the most part burying a body is very hard since most desperate criminals not in organized crime hardly bother with digging much more than a ditch they can sorta lay the body in.

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