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Re: Heads up! MYTHBUSTERS season premiere tonight at 9 Eastern!

Usually you've been the one to express your thoughts on the episodes/where they went wrong/etc. I didn't want to steal your thunder or anything, nor do I think I could present as much intriguing thought into their experiments.

I haven't watched tonight's yet, but the previous episodes have been pretty decent.

I do think they were a bit... "off base" in saying Cameron was "wrong" in the Jack/Rose Titanic ending. Jamie and Adam were only able to "survive" because they had the ingenuity and thought to strap the lifebelt to the debris. The situation Jack and Rose were under was somewhat different. Consider that it was 2AM when Jack and Rose went into the water so they were doubtlessly tired from being up for so long, tired from the running and such they've been doing all night, not to mention the very frigid waters would likely make it hard for them to manipulate the lifebelt and debris to make it slightly more buoyant.

Also wonder how well testing hypothermia rig they made translates to the real world. Water is more efficient and the transference of heat energy than air. You feel cold in water than you do in similar temperature air because water is a better conductor of heat. So I would think surviving hypothermia in air would be a lot more likely than becoming deathly hypothermic in water than they indicated in the episode. I'm just not clear on how their rig worked on making the dummy "generate its own heat" like the human body does.

The balloon drop myth was interesting, but didn't produce anything too surprising. In the "Aftershow" they indicated it's just plain easier to crash cars in this manner (dropping them as opposed to using a crash test track) but I think the visuals lose something in the process.

The wave trench was interesting from Jamie and Adam's experiments. (Love the large-scale office-toy rig Adam built.)

The "Cliffhanger" myth, again, nothing too surprising there.

And I can't quite remember what other myths we've had since the show came back. I remember the rocket surfboard, nothing to say there, and there's one other one just not springing to mind.

And, I think Kari and the producers are just really toying with us now.

I mean, come ON. They HAD to know how this would be taken.
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