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Re: Sacrifice of the Angels Ending A Deus Ex Machina?

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Just because someone worships someone as a god does not mean they are in fact gods.

"Who mourns for Adonis?" a TOS episode told how a race of superior beings set themselves up as god on Earth thousndas of years until they left when Humanity moved on from thinking they were gods. The Bajoran's just haven't reached their point in regards to the wormhole aliens.
I've provided evidence that is generally used to classify a persons or groups of people as deities. Look at the Ancient Greek, Ancient Egyptian, Shinto, Hindu, Judeo-Chrisitian-Muslim and gods used in various media books, games and movies. Not all of them fit the same criteria but there is universally a sense of beyondness/mystical/celestial power about them that they use to any number of ends.

Please define and or list details of criteria you believe classifies a god character.

With the Prophets nothing they ever did was seen or displayed as being scientific. It was always mystical. Deus Ex Machina being a greek term should extend to divine intervention since gods would be used to settle the plot of a dispute in greek plays and writings

Take the Founders for example. They created the Vorta and the Jem'hadar and programmed them to view the Founders as infallible beings. Weyoun and the Jem'Hadar in the episode 'Rocks and Shoals' prove that the Founders don't need to win their loyalty or devotion; they've had it since their creation.

Take a look at Superman and Thor. Both are arguably the same in terms or powers and abilities but in their respective universes Thor is viewed and considered a god while Superman is just an alien. Thor's powers and feats are neck deep in the supernatural. His powers and magic are explained and displayed as such. When he ascends to the throne of Asgard he gains his father's powers. Odin whose life force flows through and sustains the harmony of Asgard becomes Thor's and thereby Thor is life force and sovereign of Asgard. Thor is perceived as a god for such reasons

Superman is technical. Coming from an advanced alien race he generally builds machines for varying reasons, he can explore space, create artificial environments and solar fusion devices to create and sustain a pocket version of Earth in his Fortress of Solitude. Has access to time travel, via Time Bubbles and a view screen in to the future so he may see future events. With his scientific advancements and physical gifts he can cure famines, droughts and diseases. If people on Earth decided to worship Superman as a god it's wouldn't be without reason or merit.

There is the distinction. One could say Thor and his fellow Asgardians are an advanced alien race, and that their magic is technology that we don't understand, but we'd have to reclassify what we except as magic and mysticism. Without anything to compare Asgardian magic to it would be pointless. Superman is super science and technobable. It's easy for the audience to assimilate and recognize Superman as being scfi science. The Prophets making an entire Dominion fleet vanish could have been an adavnced form of a transporter/disintergrater, or it could've been them vaporizing them with their phenomenal cosmic power. We don't know because the show doesn't tell us. All we know is that the Prophets are displayed as supernatural beings whom a race of people view as gods and have a religion based on them. I remind you that the Prophets encouraged the Bajorans to start that religion and worship them.
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