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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One


"It has no name." Okay, something's up with that. I was a little suspicious when these newly met beings were willing to provide upgrades and such without knowing the Enterprise crew and that Archer would appear to accept so readily. Too good to be true comes to mind. I think this is also the first mention of neutrinos.

The, I guess, genderism of this species is so sad. I think they don't allow the cogenitors to read or write or make choices or participate in society because it sounds like you need all 3 sexes to reproduce, and since cogenitors are only 3% of the population, if they are allowed to choose who they mate with, then the roles might be reversed and they might have all of the power and that probably scares the majority. As advanced as they are technologically, there is no reason to believe they don't know that the cogenitor's intelligence is the same as theirs, so why they treat them as subhuman, and how casual they are with their hatred, is once again so sad. The cogenitor is basically a sex-slave, and these "nice people" are her oppressors.

"You did exactly what I'd do? If that's true, then I've been setting a pretty lousy example around here." - Archer

Trip was just as clumsy and reckless about doing the right thing, and it's interesting that Archer sees his approach as different. He's offered help to people before they've asked for it. And once the "girl" realized what help was, she wanted it desperately. To me, it kind of seemed like Archer wanted to look the other way because of the cool tech they had access to.

"Do you know how long we've waited to be given a Cogenitor?" just seals the deal on how bad these people are. She's clearly seen as "property for rent" and nothing more. I'm so disgusted. As soon as "she" got a taste of freedom, that poor Cogenitor just couldn't go back when she saw that there was more to life than what was forced onto "her." Such a sad story, and I hope sometime in the future of this series, the Cogenitors rise up for their independence.

Archer's little speech at the end, while right in its own way, was dead wrong. That "woman" had the right to CHOOSE not to help that couple have a child if she didn't want to. She was not their property, and whatever child could have been had would have been a child born of rape, and I do mean rape. The same way underage teens aren't able to give consent, neither was she because of how she'd been brought up to not have any choices. Both are issues of development: One, in which the development is natural, and the other, where the development is purposefully impeded by outside forces/sexes.

And maybe if the good old captain hadn't been out joyriding for a few days, the issue of how they treat their Cogenitors could have been at least addressed in a diplomatic way as a difference between peoples, and Trip wouldn't have had to try acting alone when he saw an injustice. I get the whole "Prime Directive" aspect of this, and the advice T'Pol and Phlox gave Trip was right while Archer was gone, but Trip was right too. That poor "girl" lived more in a couple of days with him than she did in her entire existence.

Grade: F plus
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

“The history of men's opposition to women's emancipation is more interesting perhaps than the story of that emancipation itself.” - Virginia Woolf
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