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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

Well, Tom, I probably haven't seen Zetar, and most of the episodes of TOS I have seen were so long ago that I can't remember them. I'm honestly just going off of these episodes as they stand by themselves and how they work within this series. Maybe that makes me too nice, but no one's going to claim I'm nice on how I rated this next episode. I don't know about garbage, but I beg to differ on Judgment. That was the only episode I've seen so far that kind of made me feel like I was watching a DS9 caliber episode--kind of. And for this series, that garners an A-. It's all relative.

I decided long ago not to hold things, like the captain, that were clearly going to be ongoing issues against the entire series, and to just go off of what I think the rewatchability factor is for a fresh viewer. So, for you, it may be a total Reject, and that's fine, but I still grade it as a C. This means that the episode is rewatchable, but there's nothing about it that would cause a fresh viewer to love it or hate it for any particular reason.
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