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Deep Space Nine Relaunch ideas

I've been inspired to write my own DS9 Relaunch having been reading the novels. I've thought to introduce some characters of my own creation and put a couple TNG characters in.

My ideas include the reconstruction of Cardassia, Taran'atar coming to the station, and the issue on Trill as well. But for now I'm focusing on introducing four characters to the station and they are:

My two original characters are:

Commander Gerald Strickland who was inspired by James Tolkan's character from Back to the Future. I wondered how Mr. Strickland would be as a Starfleet Officer and he was the result. He's the perfect hardnosed autocrat to be a first officer under Colonel Kira.

Lieutenant Carl Draper, a veteran of Starfleet's Asymmetric Warfare Group (a Starfleet Special Operations Unit I made up) and a trained Explosive Ordnance Disposal operative. He's a veteran of the Dominion War, engagements with the Maquis prior to that, and a skirmish or two against the Klingons. He is married to Robin Lefler (the backstory of their relationship will be explored in my story). His issues with PTSD are balanced by the love he has for his wife.

The two TNG characters that will become permanent crew of DS9 are:

Lieutenant Robin Lefler-Draper, newly transferred from Jupiter Station (working with Dr. Lewis Zimmerman) she has been moved to Deep Space Nine to serve as the Chief of Operations with Nog serving as Chief Engineer. Potential source of interpersonal conflict is Nog maybe feeling a bit resentful that Lefler got put into his job.

Lieutenant j.g. Adam Martoni. The cadet who pranked Wesley Crusher from The Game has sort of grown up. He's moved from the USS Sentinel, as a night shift tactical officer to Deep Space Nine, replacing Odo as Chief of Security. I imagine he and Quark might have some interesting interactions with each other. Given Martoni is relatively young I'm imagining Quark trying to pull fast ones on him.

So far I'm writing how these four get onto the station and feel things out. I'm also writing interactions with the Enterprise crew on the Promenade as well.

I created this thread for some brainstorming. I'm currently thinking that the Enterprise is at DS9 because it also is escorting a delegation of Cardassian delegates with Ambassador Elim Garak onboard to talk about future aid projects for Cardassia.
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