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Re: Sacrifice of the Angels Ending A Deus Ex Machina?

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Well if the "majority" of Trek fans think the Prophets and Bajoran story arcs are "very annoying" "ridiculous" and should be "forgotten" they haven't mentioned it to me. Seems to me this silent majority is just you with an ax to grind against a particular plot element.
Precisely so. A large number of Trek fans are ardent secularists, if not outright atheists. Nothing sets off either group worse than positive portrayals of faith and faith-based behavior.
I liked how the DS9 writers attempted to show both the positive and negative sides of religion with the people that followed the Prophets and the Pah-wraiths.

Too bad they turned the Pah-Wraiths and Dukat into comic book villains at the end.
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