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Re: Daredevil back to Marvel Studios?

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Although that raises the question: hypothetically, of course, would there be any difficulties with incorporating the ASM universe into the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Perhaps the main continuity issue would be the Manhattan skyline, since there was no Stark Tower in ASM and no Oscorp Tower in The Avengers.
Damn, I was hoping that we would not get Spider-man or Wolverine shoved into an Avengers film for at least another 20 years. I had already had enough of Wolverine taking over the X-men movies after X2.

The characters film rights being owned by seperate companies was the only thing stopping that from happening.
I think that there is very little danger of Spider-Man "taking over" an Avengers film. There are too many leads already and too many unexplored "classic" Avengers. And can you imagine asking Downey Jr., Hemsworth, Evans ect to take a supporting role to Andrew Garfield? Not gonna happen.

Rather instead, it could be the new "tent-pole" for street-level Marvel movies, instead of Daredevil as I suggested upthread.

Having said that, I absolutely would want the "Avengers" and "Street" franchises to co-exist in the same cinematic universe. Simply using SHIELD could accomplish that.
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