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The 13th Doctor's era

Hello, Doctor Who fans! I am very ecstatic to be posting on an Internet-based message board. Where I come we don't have regular internet access for certain reasons -- this is the first time I'm posting on an internet based message board! I thought it would be fun to post on a Doctor-Who related forum as I've been a big fan since the 12th Doctor's era and the 13th is my favorite.

I haven't seen many topics about the 13th Doctor on this board -- and there only seems to be one based on the 12th Doctor, but I can kind of understand that. It was a hard act to follow after the Eccleston/Tennant/Smith trillogy and the writing took a 6/7th Doctor era dive in writing. (Glad it cleared up in time for 13's tenure!) I thought 12's actor was pretty decent, though. Even if it was an unusual Doctor by most standards.

But I love, love, love the 13th Doctor. My Favorite Doctor Who serial ever was "The Doctor's Only Fear". What an epic three parter! I'd been waiting for such a deep look at the Doctor's psychology and none plumbed the mental depthes like this one. (No actor other than the 13th could have pulled it off quite as well in my humble opinion.)

Sorry to ramble -- I'm just very excited. On a side note, can somebody explain the obession with the 11th Doctor on this forum? Was their a board-wide re-watch of his era or something? I mean, that guy's old news, right?

Good to chat with you in electronic format;
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