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Re: Top 5 TV theme songs, read the rules before posting.

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Bit of a digression here, but it was always extremely weird to me that "Joanie Loves Chachi" was a spinoff of, and features characters from, "Happy Days," a show set in the 1950s...but the spinoff was (based on the clothes, hair, etc.) set in the 70s.

Was this the "Earth 2" Joanie and Chachi or what?
Yeah. I know. It bugged me a little too. But to be frank even Happy Days had started to saw "screw it" to maintaining accurate 60's fashions and hairstyles by the time it entered the eighties. After Richie(Ron Howard)left the show in 1980 it seems the producers took more of a "who cares, just give the show to the Fonz and let it ride" attitude.
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