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Re: 'Cloud Atlas' (2012) Wachowski Brothers rumors/info until release

I thought the film was fantastic!

I think they excised a few parts of the book that they shouldn't have, though. The book goes more in depth as to what is so special about Sonmi-451. After speaking to a few people who had seen the movie and not read the book, and perhaps are not quite up on the sci-fi cinematic language as many of us probably are, I think they lost part of that story. A lot of people have just been saying that Sonmi was special, maybe because she was destined to be, without really being able to articulate why. I think the movie should have kept much more of the explanation of Sonmi achieving sentience, memory and emotion in ways that she wasn't supposed to, and how that was vastly different from other fabricants.

Minor quibble, though. The film wasn't about narrative or story, or even character, per se. It was about theme and meaning, a brave choice and something entirely new in mainstream Western filmmaking. This film deserves to win Oscars for screenwriting and the film so deftly combines six narratively unrelated stories but makes them empty without each other, while intermingling within each other at the most perfect, complex and necessary times.
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