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Re: Movie Caption Contest #225: Unpredictable Scenarios

Decker: Some kind of...subspace anomaly?
Bones: Exobiological macroviral infestation?
Kirk: Julie? Trisha? Betty June?
Spock: It is the seeping bunyon on my Vulcan hammertoe.

Kirk: Crewman, how many times do I have to give the order not to release the fart valve until we've cleared the deck!
McCoy: There are so few joys in an Ensign's life.
Spock: Indeed, Doctor.
Kirk: Ye gods. That's horrific.
Crewman: Welcome to my world, sirs.

Picard: 805 McFish to go, please.
Hostess: There's no such thing as a McFish!

Kirk: Mister Scott, we need! More! Saturation!

I'm giving 'er all she's got, Captain! I cannae break the laws of Photoshop!

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