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Re: VOTE thread: Misc. Avatar Contest - "What Makes You Smile?"

Wow. You really want to continue this.

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So, basically, it's a matter of "Who took whom too seriously, first"?! 'Cause that's what you did with my animal protection comment.
You're the one who copped an attitude. I was just having a bit of fun at first until you got hostile about it.
You mean, hostile like a picture of a cat in a Superman costume with the threat of a dead mouse in your bed?!

Self-denial, perhaps?!
I don't think that means what you think it means.[/QUOTE]

"Self-denial... is altruistic abstinence - the willingness to forego personal pleasures or undergo personal trials in the pursuit of the increased good of another." - Wikipedia

Yes, it does seem my English skills have betrayed me here. I hope you find it in you to forgive a humble foreigner for confusing 'denial' and 'self-denial'.

Look, I'm getting a bit tired of this redundant discussion which has grown out of simple misunderstandings. As for my part in them, I'm sorry if I sounded reproachful.
Why don't we agree for you to continue to dress up your cats, and me to continue to pity them?
Real Supermen wear red trunks!

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