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Re: Star Ship Polaris

Some details can be done with textures and others can't, at least not very well. I modeled the panel lines, for example, because they usually don't look very good textured unless you use some VERY large maps. On the other hand, I did the hex pattern on the sails as a texture map because it would have added a ridiculous amount of polys to model it and it wouldn't have looked much different.

What I would mainly like to see for the texturing pass is some weathering and general wear and tear. This ship doesn't need heavy aztec patterns or hull rivets and whatnot, it just needs to look like it's not so fresh off the lot. I was even going to add some battle damage, some patched hull plating, torn or warped surfaces in a few places, but I've simply run out of time for that.

If I get the chance, I'm still going to do some paintovers of a few areas just to show what I had in mind, but that's all pretty much in Dennis' hands at this point.
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