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Re: VOTE thread: Misc. Avatar Contest - "What Makes You Smile?"

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was trying to make a humorous reply to your melodramatic judgmentalism and the frankly idiotic idea that a pet in a costume makes you tempted to call animal protection services, ...
So, basically, it's a matter of "Who took whom too seriously, first"?! 'Cause that's what you did with my animal protection comment.
It is a matter of fact that I pity pets in costume, whether that's necessary or not. Me wanting to call animal protection over this was an obvious (I hoped) exaggeration and therefore not to be taken seriously. You being actually offended enough to take my comment serious makes me wonder why that is. Self-denial, perhaps?!

So much for self-righteousness.

Anyway, new contest has started, and it's not animal-related in any way.
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