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Re: Captain America: The Winter Soldier pre-release thread

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Is it sad that I noticed two rather glaring errors on Carter's file? It's annoying because normally I hate nitpicking...but I'm sorry: it's Royal Air Force, not British Air Force and it's interesting how she was in the SAS for four years and yet managed to leave a full year before it was formed...
Actually a full decade; it says she was a British Air Force nurse from 1934-6, in the Special Air Service from '36-'40, and in the Strategic Scientific Reserve from '40 onward.
The SAS were most assuredly active during the war as a brigade, but yeah, they weren't formally constituted as a corps until the early 50's IIRC.

Still, we are dealing with an alternate history here, a version of the Marvel Universe rather than the real universe. It has blatant and intentional discrepancies like the existence of Captain America as a well-known war hero and the role of HYDRA as a major part of the Nazi war machine, so there could easily be other discrepancies as well.
Not much of an excuse really. Sure there's plenty of fictional history involved, but it's supposed to integrate with "real" history to keep it grounded.

Oh and her phone number looks very odd too.
Well, yes and no. It's "020-7946 03560," which would work as a London number if you dropped the last 0 and wrote it as "(020) 7946 0356" instead. However, the file says Peggy lives in Winchester, whose phone numbers would use the dialling code "(01962)" followed by a 5- or 6-digit number.
Yeah, thanks mate, but I think I know what a UK phone number looks like. It's pretty clear that whomever wrote that just made it up without bothering to spend 5 mins on google for some *basic* research. Had they done so, they could just have found out about the old 01632 area code (the UK equivalent to the USA's "555".) Using the actual Winchester area code probably isn't a good idea.

Speaking of that file, I note she served SSR right up until '85. Who wants to bet she was Fury's immediate predecessor?
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