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Re: VOTE thread: Misc. Avatar Contest - "What Makes You Smile?"

Kai "the spirit" wrote: View Post
Collars and claw-trimming has a useful purpose. Putting them in costumes is only for our amusement, that's not how I define 'useful'.

Besides, this discussion has no useful purpose. I said I don't like the idea, therefore I'm not going to use it. That's that.
I didn't ask you to use it in the next competition, did I? And I have no problem with you choosing not to do it with your pets. I was trying to make a humorous reply to your melodramatic judgmentalism and the frankly idiotic idea that a pet in a costume makes you tempted to call animal protection services, especially since there's nothing illegal about it and depending on the group, with their limited space they often end up putting the animals to sleep. So you'd be taking the pets from loving homes (my two cats are from shelters) and possibly condemning them to death because you don't like that they wore a pair of fuzzy ears they don't mind for five minutes on Halloween. Still feeling self-righteous?
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