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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

I've been thinking about how the CM Punk/Ryback situation might pan out tonight. As we all know, Punk or Cena has to be WWE Champion, come Royal Rumble, so that means that Ryback will lose the title within the next couple of months - a throwaway title reign. I get the impression WWE doesn't really want to do this, since it would do nothing for Ryback, and would merit a triple threat or other additional-participants match where Ryback loses the title without being involved in the decision.

The Ryback streak, wasn't meant to be a streak to begin with. The idea seemed to be that Ryback, would continue squashing jobbers, until he was over, and then he would lose, followed by going onto bigger and better things. The only reason it became a streak, was because of the obvious Goldberg comparisons, and because the fans were treating it this way. It's not like Brodus Clay or Tensai (who both had undefeated streaks earlier this year) could have followed the same booking.

Now we come to Punk, who could easily recover from a loss to Ryback. The trouble is, if Punk is the "chosen one" to face Rock at RR, then he needs to hold onto the title, as it would factor majorly into the selling point of the match.

So it comes down to a screwy decision, if WWE is not willing to end Ryback's streak (either clean or dirty). It was reported in a few places that Heyman has proposed a stable (a'la the Dangerous Alliance, more of a group of wrestlers managed by him who occasionally team with each other or help each other). The best way to end this match is to reveal the members of the stable, as they run out to assist Punk, followed by a load of faces running out to help Ryback. This leads to a 5v5 stand-off, the HIAC is thrown out, and you have your main event for Survivor Series.
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