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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

31) Argo (2012) - A
32) Cloud Atlas (2012) - C


This is one of the best movies I've seen this year. I can't believe this is the same Ben Affleck who was in movies like Giji (Which I have never seen) but there was a few years when he was kind of the mockery of the Entertainment world. With movies like this and Gone Baby Gone, I'd say he's one of the best directors in the Entertainment world. Not only that, but I've always found him to be a good actor and he showed it in this movie.

I wasn't familiar with this story, so that final 30 minutes was edge of your seat excitement. That tension was so high and that was such a fast paced, but well directed scene it might just gerner an oscar nomination for best movie. I do think if there was one flaw to the movie it was it didn't entirely know what it wanted to be. We go from ultra serious and depressing to pretty much a comedy when they got to LA, but maybe that was the point. Still, it was a well made film, and it's definitely going on my top films of the year list.

Cloud Atlas

I'm not entirely sure how to talk about this movie because for the most part, I didn't entirely like it. The only reason I gave it a C was because it's a movie that felt really original in terms of how it was shot and the ambitiousness of it all. It's more "I understand the Wachowski's took a risk, and while it might not have worked to full success, I wish more movie makers were like this".

I think my main problem with the movie is if you take the Matrix phlysiophical story and multipy that by like 10, that's what Cloud Atlas was. I understand they were trying to talk about reincarnation and how life is connected, but I think the only connection I made was the very first part of the credits when you're seeing the actors and the various roles that they played. Another issue I had is I'm probably not going to see this movie again because it was long, and I was fidgeting a lot through it. I'm not sure if there is a way to tell this story but shorten the length, but there were things in this movie that were hard to follow. For example, all the stuff in the scenes taking place after the fall, that really took me out of the movie. Maybe there should have been subtitles because I couldn't understand what Hanks and Berry were saying, but I understood them in their other scenes.

Overall though, I applaud the Wachowski's for adapting this story to film (I've never read the book), even if there were flaws to it all.

Theater: 13 (+2)
BluRay: 9
On Demand/TV: 4
Itunes: 6
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