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Re: What do you look for in a fan fic?

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We do like someone to be reading. After all, otherwise, we'd just be confining our stuff to our hard drives, or our noggins. But we don't.

I think writers also do (or probably should) write to the audience at least a bit, in the sense of creating art that is accessible and understandable. I don't believe it's pandering to make the vision clear. After all, the readers aren't in our heads (at least, I hope not). Hence if the character's internal motivations are important, they need to be explained or at least hinted at, and not just - oh, the readership will get it.

Well, what happens if they don't?
I do think most of us do want others to read our stuff, so I agree with you on that. But one way I think we do that, or should do that, is to make sure our works are well written enough to convey the story. I'm not so sure about writing to please the audience explicitly though. I mean, I think the writer should pick whatever time period (for example) they like, on the assumption that there will be other fans who like that time period as well, and just try to write the best story they can (on another assumption that if it is well written it will hook in fans and bring in new readers).
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