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Re: Sacrifice of the Angels Ending A Deus Ex Machina?

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^ So you are arguing that writers should ignore their fans and target audience because "they can't please everyone"??

Is it any wonder that Star Trek eventually tanked?
This isn't about Star Trek. This is about how all writers work. It's not about "ignoring" the audience, it's about not making the mistake of assuming you have to pander to any one faction of the audience. Because there's never going to be universal consensus. There's no one formula or approach that all fans will like equally. There is simply no way to please everyone, so you can't think of it in terms of that kind of pandering. Writing isn't about taking requests. Those writers who work in that way produce empty, soulless hack work. Good writing is about creating something that comes from within you, something that has substance and integrity to it. If you do that, then hopefully audiences will respond to it. You'll never satisfy everyone, because audiences are diverse and have a very broad range of tastes. So you have to accept that no matter what you do, some people will dislike it. But if you put enough integrity and care and feeling into it, then with luck, a lot of people in the audience will respond well to it.

It's not our job to give you only what you already want or expect -- and you shouldn't want us to. After all, if all you get from our work is what's already within you, what have you gained? Nothing. What makes good fiction or art powerful and worthwhile is that it shows us things we don't already have within us -- offers us new ways of seeing things, challenges us to expand our minds beyond their current limits. Sometimes that's going to be unpleasant to a given member of the audience; it's always a risk to try new things. But for another member, it might be an enriching and moving experience. If you're not willing to risk upsetting anyone, you'll never do anything with enough substance or impact to delight anyone either.
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